Vintage Pinpillows

Doesn't this look gorgeous. Pincushions always look best in a collection. One on its own is lonely. You can only use one at a time but it is fun to stitch them, so just pile them up in a bowl, or on an old tray, or in a piece of grandma's china that you don't know what else to do with. People love to pick them up and look at them and kids love them too.

This display is from a leaflet by Jeanette Douglas Designs. It is called Numero Vintage Pinpillows and she has used them to recall significant numbers in her life. Street address numbers, the year of your wedding, your birth date etc. There is a button and charm pack that goes with it also which is full of gorgeous little hearts, crosses, key, filagree flowers and tiny buttons. Designs are worked with silk threads.