We have a Collection of exquisite Needlepoint Kits from all the major suppliers all over the world.  What we have on show here are our favourites from suppliers like Ehrman, Beth Russell at Designer's Forum, Elizabeth Bradley, Primavera, Jolly Red, One Off Needlepoint, Fine cell Work, Coleshill, Cleopatra's Needle and our own Stitchsmith among others. Needlepoint is such a relaxing past time and perfect for stress release if you have a busy life or if you are laid up with injury. You can stitch and chat with family or watch your favourite TV programmes while keeping your hands busy and Needlepoint Kits are great for taking on holiday where you don't always have perfect light, or don't want to have to concentrate much. While we don't have the full ranges in store we can order in any from our suppliers within a few weeks.