UNO Floor Lamp

Easy to assemble, this bright and aesthetically pleasing floor lamp enables accurate colour matching and illuminates your workspace as if in daylight. Whether you’re drawing, painting, sewing or reading, adjust the brightness to your specific task using the 4 brightness settings. The slim, sleek design of the floor lamp enables it to be placed unobtrusively when not in use.


  • Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it
  • 28 high quality bright LEDs provide accurate colour matching
  • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
  • Lamp brightness: 1,145 Lux at 30cm (12”)

Light source: LED
Colour: White
LED rated life (hours): 50,000
Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels

Height: 132cm (51.97”)
Width: 46.00cm (18.11”)
Depth: 21.00cm (8.27”)
Weight: 3.2kg (7.1lbs)
Cable length: 1.8m (68.9”)