Inspirations 106


This edition explores embroidery as art. It is more than just stitch technique. We are attracted to works of art that comprise a unique concept, eye catching colour schemes, dynamic composition and clever uses of light and shade. These values when applied to embroidery, together with thread choice and skilled technique are the elements which transport embroidery to another level. You can find examples in the projects chosen for this issue: a glowing life like pomegranate stitched using a Chinese technique referred to as Random Stitch Embroidery; a stylish bread bag embellished with golden stalks of wheat, vibrant poppies and a bright blue cornflower. An ingenious joining technique is employed with elegant results; a tufted Coquette hummingbird study exhibits dazzingly hued plumage, stunning crested head and striking, spotted collar tufts are worked with stranded cotton and silk filament threads. Hardanger and Whitework are also included and there is a charming fairytale, forest garden using stumpwork techniques. A beautiful crewel work songbird decorating a tote bag completes this issue. 

There is, as usual, plenty to keep you engaged with interesting profile stories as well as embroidery inspiration.