Getting the Light Right

February 13, 2018

Getting the Light Right

The right light is the most important tool you can have as an embroiderer or any crafter. So many people say to me that they can’t do embroidery anymore because their glasses are no good or they can’t see anymore. In most cases they can’t see because the light is no good. Energy saving light bulbs might be great for the environment but they are hopeless for stitching.

You need at least 100 watts of light to see properly for stitching, especially at night. This is not from the ceiling but directed over your shoulder from the opposite side from your stitching hand. (Left side for righties and right side for lefties, so as not to create a shadow).  Most incandescent lamps only take a 60 watt bulb at the most. If you get a floor standing lamp that takes 2 spot lights you can get 120 watts. But you are going to cook under the heat.

What you need is LED light. An LED Daylight light doesn’t get hot, gives you the equivalent of way more watts than you were getting before, is more energy efficient and lasts for ages. Longer than most of us will be stitching for. Most of them come with more than one brightness level which means they can be used for reading and then yu can use the brighter light for stitching. So you will usually get up to 100 watts equivalent for only 6 watts equivalent energy consumption and without the nasty mercury vapour used to create incandesent light 

Okay, so these can be an expensive tool you say, but hey only the price of a good pair of shoes and it’s going to last much longer, plus you are going to be happy stitching and the health benefits for your vision are not to be scoffed at. AND it is way cheaper than a new pair of glasses which you probably don’t need anyway. and the proces are coming down all the time with new technology. 

If I had a tenner for the number of people that have come back and said to me ‘I have a bone to pick with you. Since I bought my new LED light nothing else gets done. I am stitching all the time’ I might be able to retire in style!!! (Well pay for the cocktails on the tropical island at least)

The only drawback is that once you get one of these, your chair will be stolen by others wishing they had such a good spot for reading, crosswords or whatever.

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Sometimes, especially when working on very fine linens, even if your eyesight is pretty good you might need to use a magnifier. There are some LED magnifying lights around and there are also clip on magnifiers which you can attach to your hoop as well as a clip on light which is very good for fine projects. If you feel you glasses are generally ok but you sometimes need more then there are clip on magnifying specs which will just that little bit extra.

So really there are just no more excuses. Get the right light for you and just get on with it.