Jacobean Fantasy

The Jacobean Fantasy design is a detail from a beautiful bedspread completed in Glasgow, Scotland. It is signed and dated by the embroiderer, “E.M. 1914”, the same year the First World War broke out in Europe. “E.M.” had a wonderful colour sense, combining soft deep pewter greys in a peaceful undertone and linking vibrant accents of bright colour with this continuous colour base.
Enjoy learning Long and Short Stitch as "soft shading", variations of Laid and Couched Work, as well as Crewel Stem Stitch. Perfect for beginners.

Design size 140cm x 30cm

Stitches Used: Satin Stitch, Crewel Stem Stitch, Laid & Couched Work, Long & Short as ‘soft shading’

Kit includes:

  • Design printed on Linen Twill,
  • Appleton Crewel Wools,
  • Easy-to-follow, detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Detailed, full size stitch chart showing the exact location of every stitch and colour
  • Beginners booklet, "The Essential Guide for Newcomers to Crewel Work", including handy hints, getting started, needle threading and other embroidery tips
  • One each of bespoke gold-plated and polished nickel crewel needles