Matter's Choice

Matter's Choice was the name given to the 1853 house built by George Matter and his wife that is now owned by this designer. The original design was stitched on black with gold thread but we have done our version on ivory 40# linen with navy silk thread from Au Vers a Soie. It has been on our wall for a few years now and is still much admired. We have seen many colour versions including black on antiqued linen and a lovely deep burgundy colourway. No one has been game to stitch it on black linen that we have seen.

The detail in this design is what gives it its appeal. The collection of little creatures above the house - squirrels, birds, bees, stags and the lovely patterned band at the bottom are so charming. Stitching it all in one colour makes the job of working on 40 count linen less arduous.

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