Silk Hussif

A Hussif comes from the German word ‘hussif’ which means housewife and it is a soft, fold-up carry-all for all the sewing requirements for a ‘good housewife’. Girls were taught in early sewing classes how to make one of these essential items, and sea-men in the Navy were also expected to make one. (I remember my grandfather proudly showing me his hussif long before I knew what it meant).

These days they are decorative items really, but very handy to keep all your needlework essentials together ready to pick up and travel with at any time. There are a few examples around in patterns but this one is the only one we have which is available in kit form so that you too can own one of these heirloom treasures.

The Inspiration for this project came from an vintage hussif brought by a customer into one of our classes. We had done a hussif design some years ago so we decided to revise the old design and introduce some of the elements of this vintage treasure into the new design.

We have two colourways available and you will find them on our Kits By The Embroiderer page.

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