In-store inspiration

In this collection we show you the lovely needlework pieces we have in the store that have been admired over the years. We will tell you how we worked them and where we got the Inspiration or the patterns from. We will show you that presentation is what can make something look really special and sometimes you have to look around for unusual ways to display your work to get a great result.

It can be that just changing the colour is all you need to make a difference, and other times you need to find other uses for your work than just another picture on the wall. It is good to use the pieces you make which is where tote bags and cushions come in. 

Collecting groups of small items can satisfy the urge to stitch without creating large items that you don't know what to do with. It also means you get to try out more techniques and patterns. We hope you enjoy this gallery and gather new ideas and inspiration.