Spring Inspiration with Marg Light

Spring Inspiration with Marg Light

We are very excited to have Marg Light coming back to inspire us with her wonderful crewel work projects.

Marg is a very accomplished tutor from Sydney who won lots of new friends when she came over to teach for us last year. The engaging manner she brings, along with her inspiring knowledge and a talent for presenting stitches in a way even the most proficient stitcher will find interesting, will ensure this visit will be just as much fun as the last. Her designs are always a pleasure to stitch.

We anticipate that these classes will fill up quickly, so don't delay signing up.

There will be two 2-day workshops, one pitched at beginners with some stitch experience and the other for those with more experience. Each workshop will run from 9.30 til 3.30 each day. Morning tea will be provided. Bring your own lunch.

More information will be provided when you enrol. Payment of class fee guarantees you a place. Kit can be paid for closer to the time when more information and prep work will be sent out.




Deerfield Embroidery has its origins in the early American Colonial Era. Here Marg presents her interpretation of the style in traditional blue and white colours. This class is suitable for beginners with some stitching experience.


Class Dates: Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September

Class fee: $200.00

Kit with Fabric and Threads: $45.00



The Society of Blue and White Needlework was founded in Deerfield, Mass. in 1896 by Misses Margaret Whiting and Ellen miller. Both women were descendants of early colonial families. The movement lasted approx. 30 years.

Both women had studied painting and design, and on a visit to the village to paint - it was one of the very early settlements in the Connecticut valley and in many respects, a model village - recognized the potential of the setting to revive the old country arts as a means of providing a living for some of the inhabitants.

They studied existing examples of needlework preserved by local families and in museums and libraries and in doing so, revived a true American type. Their designs were based on the traditional ones, and all were copyright, bearing the symbol of a spinning wheel with the D in the centre. The same people worked on the designs, so the work developed a very individual and characteristic feeling.

They used hand made linens and set up their own spinning and dyeing industry for the threads they used. Indigo was the most common natural dye used, producing the shades of blue which characterises the work. Later other colours were added - greens, ochre yellows and madder reds. Linen threads were used to prevent moth damage and were produced in several weights, from very fine to coarse rope.



This naturalistic modern crewel project features the flowers, foliage and seed pods of two much loved cottage garden flowers. An interesting combination of stitches will be used to create a charming study which can be framed or used for a cushion or bag. A mixture of silk and wool from Gumnut Yarns will be used throughout. This class is for the more experienced stitcher.

Class Dates: Saturday 31 August and Sunday September 1st

Class Fee: $200.00

Kit with Fabric and Threads: $125 on Strathaven Linen, $135 on Linen Twill



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